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Consuming Web API's
APR 20,2018
There are lots of APIs on the web that you can use NetTalk can talk to! But there are no standards. This week, Bruce looks at how APIs work, different obstacles you may run into, and how you can use NetTalk to overcome these obstacles!

Series: #300, #302, #304, #459 #461
Mike Hanson On Super Tagging
APR 13,2018
This week, Mike Hanson joins us to demonstrate his Super Tagging templates!! * Create fast reports and processes. * Tags records in a file for later processing by the Report or Process templates. *Store tags in memory or in files. *Save and load sets of tags with a user-specified name. *Icon support for tags and buttons. * Windows-style marking (Click, Shift-Click, Ctrl-Click); Tag, Untag, TagAll, UnTagAll and ToggleAll. *Support Multi-user and multiple tags on a single file for separate operations.
Greg Bailey On Clarion Browse Template
APR 06,2018
This week, Greg Bailey will be joining us with an in-depth look at the Clarion Browse Template!!! There have been lots of enhancements to the Browse template over the years, and Greg is ready to bring us all up to speed on all the different things you can do!
Mike Hanson Aggressive Laziness Part8 The Template
MAR 30,2018
This week Mike Hanson continues his series on Shorthand Fetches - The Aggressive Laziness Continues - Part 8! And it's Template Time!
Bruce Johnson And John Hickey On Disconnected Apps For Synchronizing Data
MAR 23,2018
It's John's Birthday Webinar Part 2!! End-users want to be able to access their data anywhere, and NetTalk disconnected apps make that possible! From the NetTalk Apps docs: "With NetTalk Apps the goal is to allow different programs with different data stores, written in different languages, to share data in such a way that the data can easily flow between many different stores, and importantly, between many different kinds of stores. The actual storage of the data, and the capabilities of that storage vessel, cannot be taken for granted. Data might just as easily reside in an XML file, a SQL database, a browser's Local Storage or a local ISAM file. The goal is to allow many different kinds of programs to interact with their own data, and then share that data with each other." This week, Bruce will be doing an overview of how disconnected apps work, and how you can implement them. Then, John will be showing how he's added this capability to an existing app, SQL Script.It!
Andy Wilton On Chilkat And Accounting Interfaces
MAR 16,2018
It's John's Birthday Webinar Part 1!! Andy Wilton from Noyantis will be joining us!! Andy says: During Friday's webinar we'll recap on some of the enhancements we've added to our Chilkat Wrapper template. This will include a more in-depth demonstration of connecting, querying and updated online accounting packages such as Xero and QuickBooks Online. If time permits, we'll also look at some of the other functions that the wrapper provides such as JSon, Xml, Google Authentication, and SMS Lots of the addons that we all get asked for each and everyday but don't know where to start!
Mike Gorman On Database Objects
MAR 09,2018
This week, Mike Gorman will be talking about Database Objects! Mike says: Starting in the late 1970s, Objects starting to be all the rage. My olde boss (now deceased) at Yourdon, Inc, Matt Flavin, created something called Database Object Classes. Now, because Matt was my boss, I ‘accepted’ it as great! Now, however, I know it is. At the time, we, Yourdon-database teachers, all taught it, students marveled at it, but frankly nobody really knew what it meant or what its value really was. About in the middle 1990s, along came Clarion’s Classes. What were they? Not what Matt Flavin had put forward in the late 1970s. Not SQL Objects. And not the Business Objects community invented. While Clarion’s Classes are unique, they have all the trappings of object-stuff: Inheritance, Polymorphism, data definition, and methods (a.k.a., processes). You use them in the development of Clarion applications that included use of Clarion’s method-enhanced data management language. OK, it now seems that for the past 45 years we have had multiple uses of the string “Object” with the only common characteristic that “nobody” agrees with anybody else on what it means, what it s good for and finally, what it does. That said, the “requirements” for Mike Gorman’s Database Object Classes presentation are: ● It has to be understandable ● It has to be valuable ● It has to be implementable ● It has to be able to accomplishable with the tools we already have In short, it has to be what Matt Flavin actually intended back the late 1970s
Bruce, John, Arnold & Mike On Building The New Clarion Live Web Site
MAR 02,2018
Really, we started working on the new ClarionLive Website! Mike Gorman will be next week :)

Hint: You're looking at it...
Desktop Mapping
FEB 23,2018
This week, Bruce will be talking about Desktop Mapping!
Bruce says:

Over the (our) summer here I've had a triplet of interns working on various bit an pieces. One of them, Lebo, has been adding a lot of features to the Desktop Mapping code in NetTalk. In honor of this I'll be doing a webinar on Desktop Mapping - we'll look at what you can do, how you might use it, and some of the ways you can use mapping features in an application (even if you never see a map!)

Maps in Apps are very cool, and a great way to spice up your program a bit. And this functionality is in all NetTalk levels, so if you have NetTalk you likely have this in your tool-chest already, so time to make use of it!
Dynamic File Driver
FEB 16,2018
**Get the code from the GitHub repository** Nardus Swanevelder will be joining us to talk about the Dynamic File Driver! The DFD is an add-on to Clarion from SoftVelocity and does some pretty cool stuff! From the SV website: *You can use any Clarion file driver (ODBC, MS-Sql, Btrieve, Clarion, TopSpeed, Ascii, etc). The Dynamic File driver Template supports caching to In-Memory tables or to physical tables, so you can work with offline tables and detached record-sets. *Works great with both ABC and Clarion template chains Report Procedures using local caching are up to 5 times faster than the original report. The report itself is completely unchanged, except for the addition of the Dyna Driver extension template. This technique works regardless of the report template used, or if the report is hand-coded. *Create a FILE structure at run-time based on the result of a SQL query, or Stored Procedure! *Use it with the In-Memory driver for global, and local caching of Tables.
More Fetching - Part7
FEB 09,2018
Mike is back with Shorthand Fetches - The Aggressive Laziness Continues - Part 7!!
Panel On Text Messaging In Clarion
FEB 02,2018
It's here! The much-anticipated SMS texting panel! This week, we'll be talking about how text messaging works, ways that your Clarion app can implement text messaging, and what types of text messaging features your customers may be looking for! Bruce Johnson from CapeSoft and Andy Wilton from Noyantis will be demonstrating products they offer to help you implement SMS text messaging. John Hickey, Bijan Hosseinian, Mike Tabakin will be showing how they've implemented text messaging in their applications. This is sure to be a webinar you won't want to miss!
Mike Hanson On More Fetching Part6
JAN 26,2018
Even more aggressive laziness with the King of Aggressive Laziness, Mike Hanson!!
Charles Edmonds On Val Utilities
JAN 18,2018
Charles Edmonds of LANSRAD will be presenting new templates that were acquired from Bill Roe (they were at! The templates are vuMail, vuFiletools and vuSendKeys. They've just been retooled and updated!
Mike Hanson On More Fetching Part5
JAN 12,2018
This week, Mike will be presenting "Shorthand Fetches - The Aggressive Laziness Continues"! And who doesn't want Aggressive Laziness to continue?
Mike Hanson On More Fetching Part4
JAN 05,2018
This week, Mike will be covering "New Class Derived from File Manager - Part 3"! Welcome to the New Year!!
John Hickey On The Ultimate Utilities
DEC 29,2017
It's the end of the year!!! What better time to review the ClarionLive Utility Pack!! We'll go through each of the utilities and answer any questions you might have about them, plus introduce a BRAND NEW UTILITY!!! (hint: it was introduced at CIDC 2015 but never completed!! Now it's completed! )
Mike Hanson On More Fetch Class Part3
DEC 22,2017
This week, Mike will be covering "New Class Derived from File Manager - Part 2"! We'll also do a short update on the new release of SQL Script.It!
Dries Driessen On Google Analytics In Clarion
DEC 15,2017
Dries is back! Here's what he's up to!! Dries says: Friday's presentation is about Google Analytics for Desktop applications, Web applications and Help. I'll be demonstrating how to add it to your desktop applications, your Nettalk webserver applications and even how to use Nina to get metrics on your help! And of course I will also cover the ins and outs of the Google Analytics site.
Gordon Holfelder On N Tier Development In Clarion
DEC 08,2017
This week Gordon will be talking about N-Tier Development in Clarion! What is N-Tier development? "N-tier architecture is also called multi-tier architecture because the software is engineered to have the processing, data management, and presentation functions physically and logically separated." - How does this apply to Clarion? Tune in to find out!!
Mike Hanson On Derived File Manager Class- Part1
DEC 01,2017
So here's the topic: "Write half as much code! New Class Derived from File Manager - Part 1"! What does Mike have up his sleeve? Tune in to find out!
Black Friday Sales And Poking Around Third Party Stuff With John And Arnold
NOV 24,2017
Just checking out Black Friday Special, talking about attendees experience with different tools and things, and poking around at third party Clarion tools.
Nardus Swanevelder On Business Rules And Local Classes
NOV 17,2017
This week, Nardus Swanevelder will be talking about Business Rules! What are Business Rules, how does Clarion handle them, and how can you use them in your app? Tune in to find out! Nardus also talked about Local Classes using his templates. Mike Hanson also did a quick program to demonstrate using a wrapper procedure, when you want to BIND something that does not play by the rules.
Dave Harms And Company On Team City
NOV 10,2017
This week, the CI gang will be talking about TeamCity! TeamCity is a Java-based build management and continuous integration server from JetBrains. How can this help you with your Clarion development? Tune in to find out! Dave walks Arnold Young thru setting up TeamCity as Rick helps to speed things up with his Version Control Add On tricks - Part 1. Mark Riffey contributed with real life commentary of what you can expect.
John Hickey Mary Wade On SQL Script.It Update
NOV 03,2017
It's finally here! The new SQL Script.It! will be released on Friday! John and Mary will be demonstrating the new SQL Script.It!, including: * Adding SQL Script.It! to your Clarion application * Getting around the new SQL Script.It! interface * Managing your SQL Scripts (versioning) * Creating a distribution file with script updates * Updating your end-users * Documenting your database with extended properties * Exporting descriptions from your Clarion dictionary * And more!