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UltimateMDITabs Part 1!
MAY 20,2022
Wouldn't it be nice to have a tabbed interface in your Clarion programs? That's what we're working on!!
Catch Up Day!
MAY 13,2022
John has presented a few different projects over the past month... and none of them got finished! Today he'll do a short review of them and make them available for all to download and enjoy!

-- Update to Ultimate Parameters
-- Update to Classify.It!
-- Update to Hacking Recent Lookups; dynamic address lookup
Chrome Explorer 2!!
MAY 06,2022
Fake Maximize and Tabs, We're Winging It Part 2!
APR 29,2022
The journey continues!
Fake Maximize and Tabs, We're Winging It!
APR 22,2022
Once an mdi child is maximized, all mdi children are maximized. This is not always desirable, and the solution is to "fake" maximize the MDI child windows. Today we'll begin to template that, plus add a feature where the caption is removed so the fake maximized window can't be moved (and will appear "docked"). Also, as a bonus, we want to add tabs to the top for switching between fake maximized mdi child windows! And we're winging the whole thing!
APR 15,2022
Everything you ever wanted to know about tagging in one SUPER webinar!
How to upgrade your Clarion install!
APR 08,2022
Hacking Recent Lookups; Adding dynamic address lookup to your app!
APR 01,2022
DexFavs “noyantisized”
MAR 25,2022
John’s Birthday Webinar ON HIS ACTUAL BIRTHDAY!! It's a Panel!!
MAR 18,2022
This week, we've assembled a panel including Bruce Johnson, Andy Wilton, and Mike Hanson to answer your Clarion-related questions!

For example: Applications are changing, and how people interact with applications is changing. What worked well yesterday, doesn't work so well today. What changes in your existing app's design should you be making to meet your user's needs? Should you be considering mobile? Should you be writing your own accounting routines or hooking in to existing service via API calls? Or is everything fine just the way it is?
Unboxing Classify.It!
MAR 11,2022
Classify.It! is a class viewer/manager from ohnosoft that was released last year. The first update is about to come out, and Mike will be on-hand to unbox it!
Creating A TouchScreen Designer using noyantis wrappers!
MAR 04,2022
John says:

Our POS program has had a Touch Screen designer for over 20 years. Written using Clarion controls, it works well. But the button drawing can be a bit slow, and the designer looks "old". Today I'll be showing how I've used the Flowgraph wrapper from noyantis, along with the Property Grid and Report Control to update our Touch interface.
Using Clarion Reports and Classes to Create Another Kind of Template
FEB 25,2022
Mike says:

I've been building amplifiers, which requires that you mount modules in cases. To do this, you need to drill holes, and you have to figure how where to drill them.

My solution was a program that would programmatically create controls on a Clarion report, representing the various modules and where to drill the holes. You could then print and cut those out, and tape them to the case.
Understanding The Accept Loop And Events!!
FEB 18,2022
Andy Wilton - Introducing Host Windows!!
FEB 11,2022
This week, Andy will be showing off how to create a Host Window via their new TemplateHelper facility.

Host Windows can be docked or floated via the AppFrame and can contain anything you like!
Exporting Classes!
FEB 04,2022
Hacking Wordle!
JAN 28,2022
"I'm not recreating the game. I've created a tool to help solve the puzzles, which is far more enjoyable for me than actually solving the puzzles."
Setting up a KSS and ABCVIEW environment to compile
JAN 21,2022
KSS (Kwik Source Search) is a very popular Clarion tool written by Randy Rogers that is available free to the Clarion community. The source is available on GitHub. Today, Robert shows us how you can retrieve the source and compile your own version of KSS!
Ultimate SQL Tutorial!
JAN 14,2022
Ultimate SQL has been around for awhile, and has been changed and updated over the years. Today we'll look at some of those changes, and review what it does, how it does it, how to use it, and why you need it!
Easy Prototype Exports
JAN 07,2022
Chilkat Wrapper update and surprises galore!
DEC 17,2021
We'll be showing some of the new updates to the Chilkat wrapper - plus some of the other features it offers! SPECIAL!!! noyantis is offering 15% off all NEW product purchases - the coupon code "XMAS2021" is valid from now, until the end of December!
List Formats, Formats, Formats, Formats and FROM
DEC 10,2021
Protecting Global Non-Threaded Data With Critical Sections - Going Where Many Fear To Tread!!
DEC 03,2021
Over the past several weeks, we've been mentioning how you should avoid global non-threaded data, but when you want to use it, protect it with a critical section. It's been a while since we explained how to do that. I'm going to cover a range of approaches. This will help people to do it when they really need to, or make them realize that they should just find another way.
CapeSoft MaxQueue Release!
NOV 19,2021
Introducing MaxQueue! MaxQueue is a powerful class for making queues easier and safer. If you write code using queues, you will love MaxQueue.
CapeSoft Reflection Class Release
NOV 12,2021