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Stimulsoft Reports And Dashboards Template!
FEB 28,2020
This week, Alejandro will be demonstrating his Stimulsoft Templates! He'll be creating a desktop and NetTalk app from scratch, using Stimulsoft reports .net and javascript versions. Really nice!

You can meet Alejandro at CIDC 2020 Africa in April!
Update on Stimulsoft Reports And Dashboards!
FEB 21,2020
This week, Aleksey will give us a demo of the new features in their latest release of Stimulsoft Reports and Dashboards!

Stimulsoft Reports is an impressive set of reporting components for various platforms, such as the .NET Framework, .NET Core, JavaScript, PHP, Java, and Clarion!

The tool has the powerful multiplatform report engine, easy-to-use to use designer and viewer, a large number of report export formats. Components provide a full cycle of report design on the desktop and in a web browser.

Official Update.It! Launch!
FEB 14,2020
This week, Update.It! from ohnosoft will be officially released! Join John and Mary as they demonstrate this terrific new product. You'll be able to download and install Update.It! during the webinar, as they take you through how it works (even some of how it works behind-the-scenes). Happy Valentine's Day!
The Definitive Guide To Writing Templates - Part 2
FEB 07,2020
[learning] [templates]

In Webinar 545, Bruce began a series on how to write Templates. This is part 2 of that series. Series: #545, #548, #558, #573 #593

0:00 - Start
0:01 - Introduction
0:08 - Bruce Starts
  • Creating a #Extension template
  • #AT
  • Finding the name of an Embed point
  • Priority
  • %Window
  • ABC Object Embed Points
  • #Include
  • #IF
  • Indenting
  • #DECLARE / VarExists
  • #CALL
  • #SET
  • #FOR
  • Template Debugging
There May Be Only One!
JAN 31,2020
THERE MAY BE ONLY ONE! We often need to ensure that only one of something is running. That could be a child within your program, or an instance of your program itself. There are a bunch of ways to crack this nut, and Mike Hanson will discuss and demonstrate various options.
Build Automation With Jenkins!
JAN 24,2020
This week, John Farmer joins us to talk about build automation using Jenkins!

 Jenkins – One of several alternative platforms for automation
 Java based so it can run on different O/S environments
 We’re using Windows today, because we’re building a Clarion app.
 Simple Master instance doing the work or more complex Master/Slave with Build-Agents
 A master instance of Jenkins can perform automation or can control other “Agent” instances on various O/S systems.
The Definitive Guide to Writing Templates - Part 1
JAN 17,2020
[learning] [templates]

Bruce starts a new series on writing templates. From the very beginning. #545, #548, #558, #573 #593
0:00 - Start
0:01 - Introduction
0:27 - Bruce Starts
  • What is a Template
  • Where is the Template Language Documentation
  • Where do template live
  • Registering Templates
  • Template Chains
  • First look at template code
  • Program versus Output (#)
  • Template Variables (%)
  • #Template, Family
  • Creating a new template (Learning.Tpl)
  • Application Options: Registry
  • Types of Templates: Application, Procedure, Extension, Control, Code
  • Creating a #Code template
  • First look at #Prompt
Introducing Update.It!
JAN 10,2020
A few months ago, John was going through the monthly ritual of checking for CapeSoft updates, which involved going to the CapeSoft site, getting the list of downloads, sorting by date, opening an app to see what versions I had installed, downloading them all, finding my passwords, etc etc. There should be a better way right, like an automated way?

Now there is! (well, almost, it's not totally finished but it's close!)

Update.It! will take care of all of this work for you, keeping up with what 3rd party products you have installed and alerting you when new versions are available. It automatically downloads the install files for you, so all you have to do is click "Install". It can store your passwords, serial numbers, and maintenance keys. And more!

We'll be demoing Update.It! during the webinar, but also we'll be going "behind the scenes" and talk about how it was written, what interface decisions were made, and how it works "under the hood".
Interface This!
JAN 03,2020
Mike Hanson likes INTERFACEs, because they make it easier to build programs that are both flexible and manageable. In this session, Mike will explain how interfaces simplify class use within a mutli-app system, without littering your main Clarion LibSrc folder with classes from unrelated systems. Building blocks in action!
Creating A Custom Scheduler With NetTalk!
DEC 20,2019
On the ClarionLive Skype chat, Don posted a youtube video demonstrating a custom scheduler he wrote in NetTalk! There was much interest, and he's volunteered to show us all how he did it! You can view the video here:
Eureka! I Finally Get Interfaces!
DEC 13,2019
[learning] [classes] [interfaces] [reflection]

Mike loves generic solutions that can be extended over time without breaking things. Interfaces are one of the tools that can be used to achieve this. Unfortunately, wrapping your head around the use and usefulness of interfaces can be a challenge. Mike is going to revisit Bruce's queue disposer (#535), using interfaces to make it more generic and easily extensible. If you don't yet understand the role of interfaces, this example may induce your Eureka! moment.

0:00 - Start
0:02 - Introduction
0:12 - Mike Starts

WhatsApp Template and Services
DEC 06,2019
[3rdparty] [whatsapp] [deveoperteam]

This week, Alejandro will be introducing his new WhatsApp template for Clarion!

0:00 - Start
0:02 - Introduction
0:15 - Alejandro Starts

Ultimates Update Part 2 - The Rest Of The Stuff!
NOV 22,2019
Last week John introduced new releases of Ultimate SQL and Ultimate Debug. Unfortunately they weren't quite ready for posting, and a few bugs turned up this week, so the posting has been put off until this webinar! This week, John will cover a few things he forgot to mention last week, plus give a brief overview of all the utilities in the ClarionLive Utilities pack!
Ultimates Update - Ultimate Debug, Ultimate SQL
NOV 15,2019
It's been awhile since the last Ultimates update, so it's time! Tune in to find out what's new in Ultimate Debug and Ultimate SQL (hint: there are some pretty cool new things!). And yes, they'll be available for download during the webinar!
New Product - MyTable!
NOV 07,2019
[3rdparty] [capesoft] [mytable] [blobs] [security] [encryption] [handcode]

MyTable is a set of classes that allow generic access to table structures. It is designed to be used by developers writing generic code where the code has to access Tables and Fields from time to time. It offers the ability to secure data at rest, on a field by field basis. Particularly useful when using Blobs or Memos.

0:00 - Start
0:02 - Introduction
0:16 - Bruce Starts

See Also: #613 (Data Privacy)
Demo - Auction Vista™ software Presenter: Wayne Hodge
NOV 01,2019
From Wayne:

I have been a Clarion programmer since the days of 2.1 for DOS. It is written in Clarion with many add-ons from various sources. I would like to demo my software which includes a live auction module with video and messaging between the seller and buyers/auction clerk.
Queues, Nested Queues, and Extended Name Attributes
OCT 25,2019
[attributes] [queues] [reflection]

A few months ago (#528), Bruce introduced a method for adding extended attributes to field definitions using the NAME attribute.

Now, Bruce will look at a practical use for this method, using Queues and nested Queues (queues in queues). Plus he'll be demonstrating an easy way to safely dispose of nested queues!

0:00 - Start
0:02 - Introduction
0:11 - Bruce Starts

In which we discover Mike was wrong about Nulls, and also you can't NEW a group type.
Later Mike extends the ideas with classes and interfaces (#541). As a bonus a quick look at using classes to obfuscate regular looking code.
Multi-Threaded Programming - Part 2
OCT 18,2019
Multi-threaded programming is tricky, with many issues to consider. Mike Hanson will discuss some of these concerns, and delve into the code to make it all work.
Multi-Threaded Programming - Part 1
OCT 11,2019
Multi-threaded programming is tricky, with many issues to consider. Mike Hanson will discuss some of these concerns, and delve into the code to make it all work.
CIDC 2019 Review!
OCT 03,2019
CIDC 2019 is now a part of Clarion history! Join us as we talk about what happened, and what's coming up with ClarionLive!
Noyantis Update!
SEP 13,2019
This week, Andy Wilton will be joining us for an update on what's been happening at Noyantis!

This is also our last webinar until after CIDC 2019! Thanks to all who have registered, we're looking forward to seeing you there in-person or on-line!!!
TSPlus 12.40 Overview And Demo!
SEP 05,2019
TSplus Version 12.40 has arrived! Improvements in deployment, administration and security make TSplus Version 12.40 one of our most powerful releases yet.

This webinar will cover:

1) TSplus new interface and features
2) The Web Portal and Security options
3) RDS-Knight global overview
jFiles 2
AUG 30,2019
This week, Bruce will be debuting jFiles 2! 'Nuff said!
A proposed convention for the extended use of the Name attribute.
AUG 23,2019
[proposal] [attributes] [reflection]

Bruce has written a paper on a proposed convention for the extended use of the Name attribute.

By extending the use of the NAME attribute on fields, we can make reflectors more powerful.

This week, Bruce will be presenting his proposal, and invites input and feedback.

0:00 - Start
0:01 - Introduction
0:14 - Bruce Starts

CapeSoft's Multi-Site Host with a Byte of Amazon AWS
AUG 16,2019
Don's been learning all about NetTalk's multi-site host and will be sharing what he's learned!


Setting up an Amazon AWS EC2 virtual machine
DNS settings to route multiple sites to Multi-Site Host
How to setup the Multi-Site Host on AWS virtual machine
Firewall settings
Common mistakes to watch for
and probably more!