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Bruce Johnson On Formal Database Design In Clarion
APR 27,2017
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Series: #409, #412, #413

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0:09 - Bruce Starts

This week, Bruce will be talking about "formal database design". ie learning some of the names and concepts for some of the things we are (mostly) already doing. This will be a "first principles" look at what designing a database in a dictionary really means. The goal is to both solidify good practices already taking place, and also to perhaps eradicate some bad practices that we may have picked up along the way.
Dennis Evans On Continuous Integration For Database
APR 21,2017
Source control for databases! This week, Dennis will be talking about Continuous Integration for databases. Topics to include: Forking the database to make changes to the database or the code. Branching and merging Code that watches for a database change in version control (very simple process here) The code or the processes that do the actual builds. The tools used by the build processes, Sql Compare, Sql Data Compare, Sql Doc and Sql Builder (I don’t use the Sql Data Generator for some specific reasons) And the resulting executable files that create or upgrade the databases.
Bruce Johnson On Passwords And Pass Paste
APR 14,2017
Passwords!!! Bruce says: Everything you should know about passwords This Friday (April 14) on ClarionLive I'll be doing a presentation on passwords. What you as a developer should know about them, what you as a user should know about them, and what to tell your users about them. At the same time I'll be demonstrating and releasing our newest bit of Charityware - a small class which allows the "Paste" functionality of password fields to be restored. I'll discuss why you may, or may not, want to do this, and some other benefits of using the class.
Mike Gorman On Data Centered Environment
APR 07,2017
This week, Mike Gorman will be presenting "Data Centered Development and Management". What's that you wonder? Tune in and find out!
Roberto Renz On Secure Your Net Talk App With SSL
MAR 31,2017
This week Roberto will be showing us how to secure your NetTalk Webserver! He'll be showing us how to acquire a domain/ssl certificate, how to configure the certificate do the key conversion, etc, and then show how to set up a secure nettalk webserver app!
Rick Martin On Version Control Part3
MAR 24,2017
Last week was very exciting! We setup Git repositories and in a virtual machine, got Cruise Control up and running! This week, Rick will take us through the next stage in creating an automated build system! When we're done, the build system will pull changes that have been made to the Clarion environment and the apps, build them, then run setupbuilder to create installs.! This is a practical webinar, and we'll be going step-by-step as we create the build system. Thanks to Rick for sharing his expertise!!
Rick Martin On Version Control Part2
MAR 17,2017
It's John's Birthday webinar! Last week, Rick talked about versioning and automation, and introduced us to the CruiseControl continuous build tool. CruiseControl looks pretty awesome, but it's a whole webinar unto itself. Guess what!! Here's that webinar! In this webinar, Rick will help John get his system setup to use CruiseControl and do automated builds by pulling from a GitHub repository! Sound complicated? It is, that's why Rick is helping out! This will be a step-by-step on how to design and create an automated build system. Come join the party on Friday!
Rick Martin On Version Control Part1
MAR 10,2017
Versioning! And Automating! It all ties together! In this webinar, Rick will show us how to set version information in your app's exe and dlls, and then how to automate your build processes using Cruise Control! If we have time, we'll compare that with Build Automator from IceTips! The goal? Click one button and everything is done automatically, including compiling, copying files, backing up apps, running SetupBuilder (or any installer program) and even copying to FTP for distribution!
Mike Hanson Rick Martin Brahn Partridge On Clarion Addins
MAR 03,2017
#400 has come and gone, and now it's time for... Configuration Day Part 4!!! This week, we'll be looking at third-party addons! And probably some other things!
Brahn Partridge On Clarion Cloud Functions
FEB 23,2017
It's here!! Years in the making, we've made it to Webinar #400! Hard to believe our very first webinar was way back on March 27th 2009 and featured Andy Wilton!! That's just shy of eight years ago, or fifty-six dog years! That's a lot! Robert Zaunere and Diego Borojovich will be stopping in for a bit, then Brahn Partridge will be doing a presentation on Clarion Cloud Functions which is amazing stuff!! It involves Azure and Clarion and Evaluateand .Net, and Brahn will explain it all! We'd like to thank all of our presenters who, over the years, have supported ClarionLive with amazing presentations and contributions to the Clarion community!! We love the Clarion community! We'd also like to thank Robert Zaunere, without whom Clarion would probably not even exist today!!! And Diego and all the great folks at SoftVelocity for all of their support over the years! And of course, thanks to everyone who watches and supports ClarionLive, without whom we would just be talking to ourselves!! See it, learn it, share it! -- John and Arnold
Expert Panel On Clarion Configuration- Part3
FEB 17,2017
Configuration Day part 3!!!! More fun as we continue exploring the Clarion 10 IDE!! Tune up your environment, it's Configuration Day!
Mike Gorman On Information Systems Planning
FEB 10,2017
Information Systems Planning. While this presentation focuses on determining which business information systems should be done, in what sequence, and how their products and schedules are interrelated, this course applies to any other set of projects that need to be done within the enterprise. Setting: The CEO or CIO calls a meeting of his 20 senior IT managers and says, "Ok, which system should I allocate money for?" All hands to up. Which system should I do first? All hands go up? No matter the question the answer is always, "ME FIRST." To address or solve this problem, that is to create a business-based sequence for work, a number of things must be developed. These are: 1. An enterprise mission model 2. A high level data model 3. A resource life cycle model 4. The precedence based intersections of the various resource life cycle nodes. 5. The identification and allocation of the As-Is and To-Be databases and business information Systems to the Resource Life Cycle Network. 6. Configuration and allocation of the To-Be databases and business information systems to the Resource Life Cycle Network. 7. The configuration of conversion projects that transform the As-Is to the To-Be. 8. The resource loading of the Conversion Projects. 9. The discovery of the inevitably required trade offs on strategies to accomplish the conversion projects. 10. The execution, monitoring, and on-going evolution of the Information Systems Plan. The Resource Life Cycle Network provides a PERT Chart of the completion sequence and requirements of the complete set of projects
Expert Panel On Clarion Configuration- Part2
FEB 03,2017
It's Configuration Day Part 2!! Join us as we look at all the different options you can set in your IDE, and debate the best settings!
Dries Driessen On Load Balancing
JAN 27,2017
A TSPLUSloadbalancer using Netalk webserver To balance the load of multiple TSPlus servers I wrote a custom loadbalancer. This webinar will explain how it works in detail: - Nettalk webserver login page on a separate webserver - Keeping track of logged in users (user and server) using a separate exe that automatically runs on startup. (Windows registry) - Sending the login information to one of the servers - Bi-directional communication between your app and the html5 page using Windows api. - Monitoring of the loadbalancing - Increasing security: user does not need to know username/password of the server
Expert Panel On Clarion Configuration- Part1
JAN 20,2017
It's Configuration Day! This week, we've assembled an esteemed panel of experts, including Rick Martin, Greg Bailey, Mike Hanson, and Bruce Johnson to help us all get the most out of the Clarion IDE! We'll be checking our Clarion 10 settings, looking at IDE layouts, exploring how to customize windows and themes, discover the mysteries of Clarion configuration files, and more!!! It's all very exciting!!!!!
Mike Gorman On Enterprise Project Management
JAN 13,2017
The Webinar is about 2 hours long. It was a 90+ slide subset of the two-day Whitemarsh Enterprise Project Management Presentation. Here is a link to the two day presentation: You can request a free version of the Metabase System from: Last week Whitemarsh presented an overview presentation of the 7 killers of IT. The very first one of these is Enterprise Project Management. As with all the ROIs, Project Management is a key module from within he Metabase System. This system is available for free from the Whitemarsh website. The issues that Whitemarsh project management addresses are: ● Task-driven vs deliverables driven projects ● Same projects but different deliverables and tasks ● Same projects but different velocities ● Same projects but different work environments ● “Stove-piped” projects ● One-off custom developed project plans ● Not “integrate-able” project deliverables Each of these issues were driving factors in the development of the project management module. This talk, via power point slides and screen shots from within the project management module will lay out the process of accomplishing project management within your organization such that the work plans are: ● Repeatable ● Integrated, and ● Reliable. To that end, the topics of the presentation are: ● Introduction to Whitemarsh Project Management and the issues that have to be addressed ● The overall Process Model that guides the development of quality projects ● The various templates that enable quick, inexpensive projects ● The enterprise infrastructure components that define project contexts ● The generation of project plans ● The process of loading the resources that enable project schedules and staffing ● Project execution and “tuning up” projects along their execution ● Return on Investment (ROI) and Summary This presentation is a subset of the one-day course. There is also a two-day course that includes student-led workshops.
Mike Gorman On7 Killers Of I T
JAN 06,2017
The Clarion Live presentation this Friday is going to address the 7 killers of IT. These include: ** Project Management ** Information Systems Planning ** Data Centered Development and Management ** Data Model Manufacturing ** Business Information Systems Environment ** Business Information Systems Manufacturing ** Enterprise Architecture Development Each of these topics is addressed and shows how they all fit together in an overall framework that is characterized by integration, interoperability, and non redundancy. The presentation of each of the 7 topics includes: ** The issues that have to be solved ** The solution's engineering ** The enumeration of the work products created ** The computation of the ROI that makes each approach worth the effort ** The features, advantages and benefits ** How the topic addresses productivity, quality, risk and cost ** How and where Clarion fits in each ROI solution. This two hour presentation provides an overview of all 7 ROIs. Attendees, thereafter are welcome to request a more in-depth presentation of each ROI including actual work products and detailed accomplishment steps. Mike Gorman is happy to schedule these full presentations as individual ROI Clarion Live presentations, or if your organization desires a one-on-one presentation, a Go-To-Meeting presentation that lasts from a few to a half-day can be done. --SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT-- As you all know, Russ Eggen died this past December 24, 2016. Many of our community participated in the GoFundMe 01 and 02. From Russ and his family, these two GoFundMe efforts were dramatically helpful. Russ’s last few months were very stressful and painful. He held strong, clear-eyed on the ultimate destination, and became very much ready for his journey. Russ's family, that is, his house-mate Celeste, his sister, Julie, and his nephews and nieces were all with him when he embarked. On Friday, January 13, 2017 Mark Riffey, Rick Smith, and Mike Gorman will be hosting a "Russ Stories" webinar session. The session will start at 11 AM Eastern, which is 8 AM Pacific. It will last no longer than 45 minutes. Here is the link to sign up: Our objective is to record various "Russ stories" that you may know throughout all these years. Stories that are personal, Clarion related, and TopSpeed and SoftVelocity related are all welcome. We will record the session and make a version of it available on the Clarion Live Wiki space. We will also provide a link to Russ's family. As to the general approach, as needed or requested, we'll give over control to different persons who may want to say and/or show something relevant. If you would like to present please send me an email at: so we can call you on you appropriately. Needless to say, make sure that your head phones and materialis already at the ready. Regards, Mark Riffey, Rick Smith, and Mike Gorman
Roberto And Rafael Renz On Guages And Alejandro Elias On Report Control Add On
DEC 29,2016
Final webinar of the year! Roberto says: "We will present a new Gauges Template that we have been creating. Also a Report Control Addon to Andy Wilton's Codejock Wrapper to make things easier. It will include SQL configurability and new CRUD buttons." Also, we did a DevCon survey, and we'll be showing some results! Is it looking good, or not??? Tune in to find out!
Mike Hanson On Ultimate Validator_ Interfaces- Part3
DEC 23,2016
This week, Mike Hanson continues with Part III on his presentation on using interfaces in the real world, as he extends the validation classes and writes a template to wrap them up in! An excellent tutorial on how to use interfaces!
Robert Paresi Interview Of His Business Journey
DEC 16,2016
Come join us Friday morning for our weekly webinar featuring an interview with Robert Paresi, Founder of InnQuest Software!
Mike Hanson On Ultimate Validator_ Interfaces- Part2
DEC 09,2016
This week, Mike Hanson continues on his presentation on using interfaces in the real world, as he extends the validation classes and writes a template to wrap them up in! An excellent tutorial on how to use interfaces!
Mike Hanson On Ultimate Validator_ Interfaces- Part1
DEC 02,2016
In this week's webinar, Mike Hanson will show two examples of interfaces in the "real world". The first will be a new WindowValidator class that implements the WindowComponent interface from the ABC Classes. He'll also create a new interface that the validator will use, to plug in the validations for individual controls. He might even write a template to tie it all together, but that will probably be part 2.
Brahn Partridge On Clarion Hub And Discourse Org
NOV 18,2016
Brahn alllllllllll the way from Australia! will be presenting this week! He'll be staying up late (or getting up early) to tell us all about ClarionHub! What is this mysterious ClarionHub? It's awesome, that's what it is! Tune in Friday to learn all about it, and to keep Brahn awake!
Bruce Johnson On Premier Print Previewer
NOV 11,2016
Bruce Says: From time to time a discussion will arise in the newsgroups about the "look" of a program. What can Clarion programs look like if you move beyond the plain default settings. In response I'll usually post a link to one of our commercial apps ( to act as a visual aid to some of the topics I discuss in reply. Lots of interesting discussion will then take place, but sooner or later someone asks; "What Print Preview are you using?" (You can see the print preview screen-shot here The answer is that it's a modified version of the previewer that's built into our RightReports product. Which of course is not terribly helpful if you are not using Right Reports in your own program. (And RightReports is a bit expensive to purchase just for the previewer.) Well, earlier this year I needed a print previewer for a program that doesn't use RightReports. So I took the time to extract the previewer into a separate accessory, and along the way added some features to it, and tidied it up a bit. This new accessory is called Premiere and I'll be showing it off during the ClarionLive webinar this Friday. Please join me there to see how this might improve the programs you are making.
John Hickey On Ultimate SQL and SQL Script.It!
NOV 04,2016
First, John will be reviewing some of the many features in UltimateSQL! He'll be starting an app from scratch, add UltimateSQL to it, and show how easy it is to get up and going with MSSQL! Then, John will demonstrate the new features in the long-anticipated update to SQL ScriptIt! This tool helps you manage your SQL Scripts and deploy them to your customers in a single encrypted TPS file. And will there be special pricing available? Tune in and find out!