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Bruce Johnson On Dash Board And Guages
APR 22,2016
On the ClarionLive Webinar this Friday Bruce will be showing a new feature of CapeSoft's Draw library, the addition of the DrawGauge class and template, which makes drawing gauges on a window really really easy. Bruce will also show how these gauges can be used to make widgets for iDash, they're dashboard tool of choice. It should be a lot of fun, and perhaps there'll be a special or two to celebrate the new release!
Bruce Johnson On Revamping A Clarion App
APR 15,2016
This week Bruce will show some of the techniques and tools used to recently update a commercial application to give it a fresh new look!
Mauricio Nicastro SQL In Clarion
APR 08,2016
Do not let the webinar title "SQL in Clarion" fool you - interesting dives into SQL practical stuff that you might just find invaluable.
John Hickey On Ultimate Trace
APR 01,2016
Well originally, Mike Gorman was going to do a session on ROI. BUT, he had internet problems, so we winged it and John Hickey showed off a new (sorta) utility called Ultimate Trace! Then we made a SetupBuilder for it, so look for an update to the ClarionLive Utility Pack soon!
Craig Ransom On P D F Tools Digital Signature
MAR 25,2016
This week, Craig will be showing us PDF-Tools Digital Signatures, and PDF-Editor Form Builder! Plus some Mike Hanson wonderment!
Dries Driessen And Andy Wilton On John Hickeys Birthday
MAR 18,2016
It's John Hickey's Surprise Webinar Birthday Spectacular! This week, Dries Driessen will be bringing us an update on the Ninja oAuth Classes! He'll be showing an OAuth client working in a Nettalk Webserver app: DropBox, Google Drive and Onedrive integration! Then, Andy Wilton from Noyantis will be bringing us up to date on some of the exciting new features in the Noyantis templates! And who knows, there might be more surprises! Or not! Tune in and find out!!!
Mike Gorman On Email Management
MAR 11,2016
PDF Presentation This week, Mike will be presenting Email Management! including:  Overarching Requirements  Major Data Structures  Major Processes  Clarion Application Code  NetTalk 9.06 Email Processing **Resources:** SNAP Selling, by Jill Konrath Agile Selling, by Jill Konrath Sandler Success Principles, by David Mattson & Bruce Seidman The Sandler Rules, by David Mattson You Can't Teach a Kid to Ride a bike at a Seminar, by David Sandler with John Hayes, PhD Professional Services Marketing, by Mike Schultz, John Doerr, and Lew Frederiksen Insight Selling, by Mike Schultz and John Doerr Selling to the C-Suite by Nicholas AC Read and Stephen J Bistritz
Simon Kemp On Queue Functional Sorting Part2
MAR 04,2016
Get the code here --> This week, it's Functional Queue Sorting Part 2 with Simon Kemp! Two weeks ago, Simon started showing us about Functional Queue Sorting, but he had so much to show he couldn't fit it into one webinar! Join him for Part 2 and learn even more amazing things about queue sorting!
Marko Golem On GUI Manager And Resizer
FEB 26,2016
This week, Marko Golem is here from Thin@ to cover: - Thin@ subscription model - Thin@ 3.2 diagnostic window - new product GUI Manager and resizer (how to implement step by step and features explanation) - discount code for both GUI Manager and Thin@ (100 USD for each product) for all webinar live atendees. - Q & A
Simon Kemp On Queue Functional Sorting
FEB 19,2016
This week, it's Functional Queue Sorting with Simon Kemp! What is Functional Queue Sorting? I have no idea! But I'm looking forward to finding out!!!
Dries Driessen OAuth Ninja Classes
FEB 12,2016
Welcome back Dries! Dries will be showing us how to use API's that require OAuth authorization and authentication: - Short OAuth overview - DropBox integration in desktop application - Explore DropBox, GoogleDrive and One Drive folders in a single window - OAuth 1.0a: Flickr - Sharing: Facebook and LinkedIn sharing of texts and photos. The classes required for the OAuth integration are based on the NinjaClasses I introduced at CIDC 2015. The NinjaClasses are now based on CapeSoft products and have been enhanced to allow for webrequests within classes without the need for a Window or an accept loop.
Ron Meyer On IP Driver
FEB 05,2016
Ron Meyer will be showing us how to use the IP Driver! He'll be converting the Clarion Invoice example app to use the IP Driver, and talk about what the IP Driver does and show us how to use it in a Client/Server environment!
Soft Velocity On C10 IDE Stuff, Javascript, Active Image, And More
JAN 29,2016
SoftVelocity is here! Topics to include H5 and discussion about the new javascript product!
Bruce Johnson On Net Talk9 Server
JAN 22,2016
This Friday Bruce will look at some of the new features in the NetTalk 9 Server level for folks who are building, or wanting to build, web apps. And who doesn't want to build web apps!
Bruce Johnson On Email
JAN 15,2016
On ClarionLive today, Bruce will be doing a session on Email everything you wanted to know and perhaps some you didn't! He'll look at the new email example and see how you can use the techniques in there to add simple, no holds barred, email sending functionality to your program!
Mike Hanson On Even More Fetching
JAN 08,2016
It's a brand new year! And we don't have a clue as to what we'll be talking about! Join us and find out what our New Year surprise will be!!!
Mike Hanson On More Fetching
DEC 18,2015
Mike's back! It's always a treat and we're not 100% sure what he's going to do, but I'll bet it'll be darned interesting!
Bruce Johnson And Dave Nichols On Increase Memory Allocation Speed
DEC 11,2015
At the Wednesday Open Webinar, Dave Nichols showed some malloc (memory allocation) code he's written that can vastly increase memory allocation speed in your Clarion application by 100 times! This is a pretty big deal, and thanks to Dave for sharing! Bruce Johnson is working with the code and transforming it into a class/template so we can all just drop it in and see the improvement! Bruce will then be releasing it as Charity-ware. This week, Dave and Bruce will be presenting the code and showing us how it's all done!
Bruce Johnson On Net Talk9
DEC 04,2015
It's the official release of **NetTalk 9**! This will include the first demonstration of running a program, generated by Clarion, as a native app (ie an APK) on an Android device! You won't want to miss this one!
Mike Hanson On Fetch Key
NOV 20,2015
Fetching a record by its key values typically involves at least three lines of code. Wouldn't it be nice to do that with a single command. Mike Hanson will describe the solution, examine various approaches, then walk through the implementation of "GetKey". (Or perhaps FetchKey).
Bruce Johnson On String Theory
NOV 13,2015
This week, Bruce will be covering string classes, including the included Clarion string class and CapeSoft's StringTheory! Bruce says: "StringTheory is now accessible to most of the Clarion community, but probably as a requirement for something else. If you're not using StringTheory in it's own right though you are probably missing out. Bruce looks at some common tasks and shows how they can be simplified with StringTheory methods."
John Hickey And Mary Wade On SQL Script Manager
NOV 06,2015
John and Mary have been working on releasing a new product, SQL Script Manager. Turns out that's a lot of work! This week, they'll take you behind-the-scenes to see how the interface was built using Noyantis templates. They'll also show how they implemented on-line software updates using CapeSoft's SafeUpdate, and how that was tied into a generated Maintenance Plan using Cryptonite, StringTheory, and xFiles. Finally, they'll show how they wrote a DLL that can be called from SetupBuilder to validate the Maintenance Plan when installing.
Craig Ransom On BString And Why You Need To Understand It
OCT 30,2015
This week Craig Ransom will be talking about BString! He'll show us what they are, and construct a class to properly handle BStrings, which can be a bit tricky!
Mike Gorman On Employing SQL_ To Improve Data Quality
OCT 23,2000
Mike Gorman on "A Key Overlooked Benefit from Converting to an SQL Engine." Using a combination of TPS and SQL to access data and solve data quality problems. Key topics include: * Nearly “neither” Clarion & TPS or Straight SQL is THE answer. * Initial acquisition through CSV is the way in the door. * Conversion from CSV to TPS enables more sophisticated data value. adjustments (e.g, table lookup changes, “moving” data, etc.). * Conversion from TPS to SQL enables application of specialized operators such as Counts, Distinct, and Concatenation that enable even more sophisticated value adjustments (e.g., specific row identification and update. * Decision of only ONE choice is not the right approach. * Moving data from one access method to another is essential. * Include all three on the road to data quality.
Mike Gorman On Dimension DB And Mike Hanson On Invoice Template
OCT 15,2000
Bring your questions or contribute to the ClarionLive! Open Webinar, a free-for-all for Clarion ideas and helpful hints!