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Bruce Johnson And Mike Hanson On Working Threads
MAY 15,2015
[threads] [workerthreads] [workingthreads] [abc] [legacy]

Working Threads! What are they? They are in C10, and tomorrow we'll try to figure out how they work and when/why to use them!

0:00 - Start
0:01 - Introduction
0:22 - Mike - Getting Real (Promotion)
0:30 - Bruce and Mike Start

Mike Hanson On Create Empty Table Template
MAY 08,2015
This week, Mike will show us how to make a template that creates empty files/tables from your dictionary. This can be very handy, especially if you need to create TPS example files!
Mike Hanson On Passing Procedures
MAY 01,2015
Mike is back! What will he talk about? We're not 100% sure! But we all know it will be interesting and informative, so don't miss it! What we did: Mike talked about passing Procedures, using Interfaces, and many other interesting topics!
Pratik Patel On CLA Drop Box, Greg Bailey On Fuzzy Matching, Mike Hanson On Constructor-Destructor
APR 24,2015
This week we have an update from Greg Bailey on fuzzy matching, Pratik Patel will demonstrate claDropbox, a simple Clarion drop-in global wrapper template that allows direct access to the "root" folder of a registered Dropbox application without actually having to install the Dropbox client application, and Mike Hanson will talk about much anticipated "Virtual destructors and the factories that need them"!
Craig Ransom On PDF Tools And Joe Tailleur On JRT Filter
APR 16,2015
This week, Craig Ransom of PDF Tools will demonstrate some of the lesser-known features of Tracker Software Products' PDF-Tools, PDF-XChange Driver, and PDF-Viewer!
John, Lisa, Greg, Marty On C10 Setups- Part2
APR 10,2015
Last week, we started reviewing the settings in Clarion 10. It took a long time and we're only half way there! This week we'll finish up our tour of the new Clarion 10 IDE with all the new options!
John Arnold Lisa Greg Marty On C10 Setups
APR 03,2015
Time to go through our settings! With Clarion 10 just around the corner, we decided it was a great time to go through all the options available in the IDE! There are so many though, we only got halfway through! Tune in next week for part 2!
Andy Wilton On Noyantis Upgrades To Report And Calendar Controls
MAR 27,2015
Andy's been busy! Andy will be showing the latest and greatest enhancements to the Noyantis Templates, including new ReportControl and Calendar features! //Please watch Mike Gorman's chat about JP's and situation and his request on how we can help JP and his Family. His segment begins at about the 4:45 minute mark. //
Robert And Diego On Clarion10
MAR 20,2015
Clarion 10 is coming, and Bob and Diego will be here to show us some of the new features! Plus, a walk-through of the Clarion 10 IDE!
Bruce Johnson On APIs Part3 - JSON
MAR 13,2015
Server API's Part 3! Bruce will be showing us how to create and consume JSON instead of XML. Bruce will be using jFiles, a brand-new product from CapeSoft, and show us how to construct different types of JSON! Bruce says: This webinar will be on using JSON instead of XML when building a Server API, or when consuming someone else's API.
JSON is a bit like XML in that it's primarily used to transfer information between programs, or to store ad hoc information for a program. I'll spend a bit of time looking at the JSON format itself and different sorts of JSON you might encounter.
In order to do all this I'll be releasing jFiles, our newest accessory. jFiles has all you need to create and consume JSON using really simple and friendly commands. jFiles works with Clarion 8, 9, 9,1 and 10.
During the Webinar I'll show you how to integrate jFiles into your NetTalk Web Server to add JSON to the supported formats for your API (Hint: that's pretty easy to do.) You'll also see how to construct any JSON packets you may need when making use of other people's API's.

Series: #300, #302, #304, #459 #461
Mike Hanson On Multi DLL Project From Single EXE
MAR 06,2015
Clarion makes it easy to create multi-dl apps if you're starting your app from scratch. But what if you already have a large single-app solution that keeps getting bigger and you decide to break it into DLLs? This week, Mike will show us how to do just that!
Bruce Johnson On API - Part2 - REST
FEB 27,2015
Part 2 of Bruce's series on using APIs with your Clarion program! This week, Bruce will talk about using JSON and REST in your API!

Series: #300, #302, #304, #459 #461
Mike Hanson On Virtual List Box, Part3
FEB 20,2015
This week, Mike Hanson continues his Virtual List Box (VLB) Quest, with VLB Part 3! Maybe we'll get to a template.... maybe not! Tune in and find out!
Bruce Johnson On Web Service APIs - Part 1
FEB 13,2015
Special Guests: Robert Zaunere, Andy Wilton! It's here! Webinar #300!! We've got special guests! We've got prizes! It's a ClarionLive celebration! We'll be welcoming Robert Zaunere and Andy Wilton (our very first presenter!) at the beginning of the webinar, then Bruce Johnson will begin a multi-part series on creating APIs for your Clarion program!

Did we mention prizes? This week, you'll be able to register for prizes that we'll give away at webinar #301 next week. This will give those who can only view the webinar recording a chance to enter. Details on how to register will be revealed at the webinar!
We look forward to seeing you at this special ClarionLive milestone!

Here's what Bruce plans to do:
"It seems barely a day goes by without hearing about this API or that API in some or other product. In this multi-part series Bruce discusses what APIs are good for, how to create one for your own app, and how to consume the API's offered by other systems.
In Part 1 we'll cover the basics of what API's are and we'll create a simple API. In the upcoming Part 2 we'll see how to consume other API's."

Series: #300, #302, #304, #459 #461
Mike Hanson On Virtual List Box2
FEB 06,2015
Our series on the Virtual List Box continues, as we look at practical applications for the VLB and maybe make a template for it (or not... we'll see how it goes!). Download the Class that Mike created
Mike Hanson On Virtual List Box
JAN 30,2015
Last week we covered the Dynamic File Driver and had to bump Mike to this week to talk about the Virtual List Box! What will Mike reveal? Are the Dynamic File Driver and the Virtual List Box the Dynamic Duo of the Clarion world? Tune in to find out!
Gordon Holfelder On Dynamic File Driver
JAN 23,2015
We've had a lot of interest in the mysterious Dynamic File Driver, and Gordon will be with us to help solve the mystery! Then, Mike will talk about the virtual list box, and we'll see if we can tie the two together to do something awesome! Download the Class that Gordon demonstrated
Bruce Johnson On Icons
JAN 16,2015
Last week we had a great session with Robert Zaunere from SoftVelocity, but that left no time for Bruce's presentation on icons! This week, guess what?! Bruce Johnson will talk about icons! Tip! **ie4uinit -cleariconcache** is a command line instruction that will clear the windows desktop cache. If you change your app icon and it is not refreshing on the shortcuts, then run this command.
Robert Zaunere On Clarion10 Plus Qand A
JAN 09,2015
Robert Zaunere from SoftVelocity will be joining us to talk about what's going on at SV! Then Bruce Johnson will talk about icons! (Bruce didn't talk about Icons, it was a great session with Robert!)
Greg Bailey And Mike Hanson On List Box Headers And Disabling Insert Buttons
JAN 02,2014
Download the template developed in this webinar . The Greg Bailey and Mike Hanson Jam Session on Column Header Coloring, Enabling/Disabling techniques, and more!
Mike Hanson On Clarion Views
DEC 26,2014
Views! What are these mysterious Views and how can we use them easily? Mike Hanson is here to help!
Bruce Johnson On Dashboards
DEC 19,2014
This week from CapeSoft will be presenting a new product! From Bruce: I'm pleased to let you know that we'll be releasing a new product this Friday on ClarionLive. We've been doing a lot of work on a business application lately. It became apparent that while the app collected an extraordinary amount of data about the business, and there were plenty of browses and reports and so on, but nothing that offered a "birds eye view" of the whole business as a whole. So we've created a "Dashboard" procedure. This allows you to bring together data from all over the program (and outside the program) in a simple way to give the user that all important insight into their data. A Dashboard without Widgets though is useless, so we've also created a Widget Interface, and a bunch of sample widgets. We've made it easy for you to create your own custom widgets, or for 3rd party products to expose themselves as widgets, so expect to see a lot of new widget types in the future.
Dries Dreissen On Web Sockets With Net Talk
DEC 12,2014
From - Friday December 12th I'm giving a ClarionLive webinar about websockets using Nettalk webserver. Websockets offer many possibilities for websites: realtime - low-overhead - bidirectional communication between server and client. That includes features such as serverside initiated events, communication between browsers like chatting and using other protocols (e.g. RDP) over a websocket. I'll be showing several Nettalk applications that use websockets for different purposes: concurrency checking with a twist, sharing locations on a map between browsers and I'll build a websocket application from scratch. Download example code here: The source code of the demos is included as are the compiled versions of the demos. In the docs folder you'll find the presentation I used during the webinar as well as the step-by-step guides for integrating websockets in a nettalk webserver application. Please note that you won't be able to compile the demos because the websocket-classes are not included. If you are interested in those classes to integrate them in your applications, please send me an email:
Wolfgang Orth And Mike Hanson_ Process Indicators
DEC 05,2014
There has been a lot of discussion recently on the newsgroups about how to show the end-user that a process is taking place, such as an SQL backup or an FTP upload. The suggestion of Bruce and others was to split or branch this Backup-Process into a new, invisible thread, using it for backup. Once it's done, this thread reports back that it has finished. Wolfgang Orth has made a demo of this Notification technique that he will be showing us today! Since this is similar to a technique that Mike Hanson showed us a few years ago, Mike will be joining in to help create the ultimate solution to progress indicators! Web links used in this webinar:
Robert Bijan Glen_ Hyper V
NOV 28,2014
This week, Robert Kolanko and Bijan Hosseinian will be talking about their experiences with Hyper-V, which is a product from Microsoft that can create virtual machines! They'll provide an overview of Hyper-V and show how to install/use it. It can be used as a replacement for VMWare, and they'll be showing us how to do that too! It's a can't-miss session! Some web links used in the webinar Using a Hyper-V manager to remotely manage Hyper-v on a windows 2012 core. Probus-IT Hyper-V manager -A solution for managing hyper-V directly on the windows 2012 core. Altaro Hyper-V Backup.