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Bruce Johnson On Dashboards
DEC 19,2014
This week from CapeSoft will be presenting a new product! From Bruce: I'm pleased to let you know that we'll be releasing a new product this Friday on ClarionLive. We've been doing a lot of work on a business application lately. It became apparent that while the app collected an extraordinary amount of data about the business, and there were plenty of browses and reports and so on, but nothing that offered a "birds eye view" of the whole business as a whole. So we've created a "Dashboard" procedure. This allows you to bring together data from all over the program (and outside the program) in a simple way to give the user that all important insight into their data. A Dashboard without Widgets though is useless, so we've also created a Widget Interface, and a bunch of sample widgets. We've made it easy for you to create your own custom widgets, or for 3rd party products to expose themselves as widgets, so expect to see a lot of new widget types in the future.
Dries Dreissen On Web Sockets With Net Talk
DEC 12,2014
From - Friday December 12th I'm giving a ClarionLive webinar about websockets using Nettalk webserver. Websockets offer many possibilities for websites: realtime - low-overhead - bidirectional communication between server and client. That includes features such as serverside initiated events, communication between browsers like chatting and using other protocols (e.g. RDP) over a websocket. I'll be showing several Nettalk applications that use websockets for different purposes: concurrency checking with a twist, sharing locations on a map between browsers and I'll build a websocket application from scratch. Download example code here: The source code of the demos is included as are the compiled versions of the demos. In the docs folder you'll find the presentation I used during the webinar as well as the step-by-step guides for integrating websockets in a nettalk webserver application. Please note that you won't be able to compile the demos because the websocket-classes are not included. If you are interested in those classes to integrate them in your applications, please send me an email:
Wolfgang Orth And Mike Hanson_ Process Indicators
DEC 05,2014
There has been a lot of discussion recently on the newsgroups about how to show the end-user that a process is taking place, such as an SQL backup or an FTP upload. The suggestion of Bruce and others was to split or branch this Backup-Process into a new, invisible thread, using it for backup. Once it's done, this thread reports back that it has finished. Wolfgang Orth has made a demo of this Notification technique that he will be showing us today! Since this is similar to a technique that Mike Hanson showed us a few years ago, Mike will be joining in to help create the ultimate solution to progress indicators! Web links used in this webinar:
Robert Bijan Glen_ Hyper V
NOV 28,2014
This week, Robert Kolanko and Bijan Hosseinian will be talking about their experiences with Hyper-V, which is a product from Microsoft that can create virtual machines! They'll provide an overview of Hyper-V and show how to install/use it. It can be used as a replacement for VMWare, and they'll be showing us how to do that too! It's a can't-miss session! Some web links used in the webinar Using a Hyper-V manager to remotely manage Hyper-v on a windows 2012 core. Probus-IT Hyper-V manager -A solution for managing hyper-V directly on the windows 2012 core. Altaro Hyper-V Backup.
Bruce Johnson_ Resize And Split
NOV 21,2014
This week Bruce will be demonstrating Resize And Split, which is an update to the popular EasyResizeAndSplit from IngasoftPlus! One of the most popular window resizing tools for Clarion programs, EasyResizeAndSplit by IngasoftPlus was discontinued and the product was left unsupported when Clarion 9.1 was released. It was acquired by CapeSoft in October 2014, and released as an all-source-code product that month. CapeSoft Resize And Split is a drop-in replacement for EasyResizeAndSplit. All current template settings are preserved, and there is no effort involved in the upgrade. BONUS! Mike Hanson showed us his resizing templates, which are part of the Super Stuff product which can be found at
Mike Hanson On Super Tagging Super Cross Tab
NOV 14,2014
This week is in charge! He started with a tutorial on printing records using Super Tagging, then gave us an introduction to the upcoming Super CrossTab templates.
Debra Ballenger On oAuth and QuickBooks Online
NOV 07,2014
This week will be demonstrating oAuth! Here is what she plans to do: Discover what oAuth is, and how to leverage oAuth v1 to connect your apps to QuickBooks Online! We will cover how to use oAuth, and how to overcome errors in your oAuth signatures (the most difficult part of oAuth v1). Walk through the example app for connecting to QuickBooks Online and sending and receiving data via the API. showed an easy way to use Clarion with Dr. Explain by using a template he created. You can find that template . Example App for oAuth v1 There is currently no example app for oAuth v2, Debra says she'll have one soon! Links mentioned in this webinar: Verify signatures with this URL: Encode and decode URLs: Google Developer site:
Dennis Crane On Dr Explain
OCT 31,2014
This week Dennis Crane, creator of Dr. Explain, will be with us to show us the new 5.0 release! Dr.Explain is a help authoring software to create help files, documentation and on-line manuals in CHM, PDF, RTF & HTML formats automatically. It's a terrific product, and we're looking forward to seeing all the new features!
Mike Hanson John Hickey On Setup Builder
OCT 24,2014
Last week we looked at the ClarionLive! Utilities and put them all up on GitHub! This week, we'll create a new SetupBuilder install for the Utilities and post the install for all to use!!
Mike Hanson Rick Martin John Hickey On Clarion Live Utilities On Git Hub
OCT 17,2014
This week we look at the ClarionLive! Ultimate Utilities! The CL Utilities have grown over the years, and they are not organized well at all! This week we'll give an overview of all the CL Utilities available, create a new SetupBuilder install for the Utilities, plus version control all of them on GitHub and demonstrate how to use GitHub to contribute to the Utilities!
Mike Hanson And John Hickey On Activex Controls Class Refactoring
OCT 10,2014
This week Mike Hanson extends the Activex class we worked on last week, and shows different techniques for creating and calling the Activex control within the class itself.
John Hickey On Software Activex Controls
OCT 03,2014
This week John Hickey looks at the ActiveX control suite from /n Software! John's been using their Shipping Integrator control, which allows easy access to UPS, Fedex, and USPS. We'll see how to integrate this control with Clarion through classes, and do an overview of the other controls available from /n Software. If you want to take a look a their controls, visit There is a special discount for Clarion programmers! 30% off individual Activex Controls - use coupon code: clarionlive14 30% off Red Carpet Subscription - regular $1599, with discount $1119 ---- email and mention ClarionLive discount and they will send you a quote with the discount and instructions on how to use it
Mike Gorman On Enterprise-Wide Project Management
SEP 26,2014
This week Mike Gorman gives a presentation on Enterprise Wide Project Management using the Metabase system.
Mark Goldberg On Assert And Git Hub
SEP 19,2014
This week Mark Goldberg will be showing us how to use ASSERT, and we'll be setting up a GITHUB repository for all of the ClarionLive! utilities and showing everyone how to access them!
Bruce Johnson On Splash Screens
SEP 12,2014
This week Bruce Johnson on Splash Screens, and Mike Hanson with a short follow-up on Super Tagging!
Bruce Johnson On Splash Screens
SEP 05,2014
This week Mike Hanson will review his Super Tagging Templates! SPECIAL! Mike is offering 30% off the Super Tagging templates until next Friday! Grab them at or , use the coupon TAG30!
Mike Hanson On Place Holder Template
AUG 29,2014
We'll have an update on last week's webinar (it's working now! Examples will be available for download!), and Mike Hanson will join us to finish up the UltimatePlaceholder class and template!! To download the complete !
John Hickey Bruce Johnson On Server Client Communication
AUG 22,2014
This week, John will demonstrate how to send messages between computers within your app! This is handy for updating browses or having statuses of processes update automatically on all computers in an organization. He'll be using several third-party and ClarionLive! accessories, including NetTalk, XFiles, and UltimateNotify.

Files and have been lost, if anyone has them let us know!
Mike Hanson Et Al On More Place Holder Enhancements
AUG 15,2014
enhances the UltimatePlaceHolderClass template with an able assist from !
Bruce Johnson Taking John Hickey Ultimate Place Holder And Create Wrapper Template With Mike Hanson
AUG 08,2014
Wrapping the UltimatePlaceHolderClass in a template!
Mike Gorman And Mike Hanson On Battle Cut And Paste
AUG 01,2014
Creation of a Generalized Code Solution via Reference Variables and Any Variables Updated Presentation CheatSheet for installing the generalized code
Mike Bruce Et Al On Clarion91 Application Configuration
JUL 25,2014
Our review of the Clarion 9.1 continues, along with a tour of the project system!
Impromptu Webinar S Showcases New Utility
JUL 08,2014
John wrote a utility to remove extension templates from a TXA file, thus helping to eliminate duplicate extensions showing up when importing! John reviews how to use the utility, then we look at the code behind it with the help of Bruce Johnson, Greg Bailey, and Joe Tailleur!
Mark Riffey On Overwhelm For Arnolds Birthday
JUL 11,2014
It's Arnold's birthday again, and he's invited Mark Riffey to talk about... what? Find out!
Bruce Mike And Others On C91 Option Settings
JUN 28,2014
A review of the Clarion 9.1 settings