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John Hickey Bruce Johnson On Server Client Communication
AUG 22,2014
This week, John will demonstrate how to send messages between computers within your app! This is handy for updating browses or having statuses of processes update automatically on all computers in an organization. He'll be using several third-party and ClarionLive! accessories, including NetTalk, XFiles, and UltimateNotify.

Files and have been lost, if anyone has them let us know!
Mike Hanson Et Al On More Place Holder Enhancements
AUG 15,2014
enhances the UltimatePlaceHolderClass template with an able assist from !
Bruce Johnson Taking John Hickey Ultimate Place Holder And Create Wrapper Template With Mike Hanson
AUG 08,2014
Wrapping the UltimatePlaceHolderClass in a template!
Mike Gorman And Mike Hanson On Battle Cut And Paste
AUG 01,2014
Creation of a Generalized Code Solution via Reference Variables and Any Variables Updated Presentation CheatSheet for installing the generalized code
Mike Bruce Et Al On Clarion91 Application Configuration
JUL 25,2014
Our review of the Clarion 9.1 continues, along with a tour of the project system!
Impromptu Webinar S Showcases New Utility
JUL 08,2014
John wrote a utility to remove extension templates from a TXA file, thus helping to eliminate duplicate extensions showing up when importing! John reviews how to use the utility, then we look at the code behind it with the help of Bruce Johnson, Greg Bailey, and Joe Tailleur!
Mark Riffey On Overwhelm For Arnolds Birthday
JUL 11,2014
It's Arnold's birthday again, and he's invited Mark Riffey to talk about... what? Find out!
Bruce Mike And Others On C91 Option Settings
JUN 28,2014
A review of the Clarion 9.1 settings
Andy Wilton On Reg Free COM
JUN 20,2014
on RegFree Com!
Mike Hanson On Refactoring Star Date
JUN 13,2014
helps with Class refactoring! This is a continuation from the previous week when there were some internet problems.
Mike Hanson On Refactoring To Be Redone
JUN 06,2014
Lisa's in charge! She asks Mike to help with refactoring Classes!
Gordon Holfelder And Mike Hanson On Objects
MAY 30,2014
teaches us all about &,&=,&= NEW and Objects and how to use them properly!
Bruce Johnson On Reflection
MAY 23,2014
reflects on Reflection! demonstrates the new UltimateDebug 1.08!
Mike Gorman On SQL Topics
MAY 16,2014
Mike Gorman presents "ER and Star Schema Modeling" and "Referential Integrity and Referential Actions"
Bruce Johnson And Mike Hanson Parameters
MAY 09,2014
Everything you ever wanted to know about parameters and prototypes!
Jeff Hojka_ Postgre SQL Auto Inc Scenarios
PostgreSQL and Auto Incrementing Multi-Node Primary Key TPS to SQL
SQL CAT Post Review
APR 25,2014
Soft Velocity On C9 Topics AND Panel On SQL CAT Prep Session
APR 18,2014
APR 11,2014
Network and System Monitoring with Nagios Core
Mike Hanson On Global Template Creation
APR 04,2014
Solution Specific Global Templates!
Bruce Johnson On Webservices Creation
MAR 28,2014
Bruce Johnson On Web Services
SV on C9 Andy Wilton On Noyantis Stuff
MAR 21,2014
John's Birthday Webinar with SoftVelocity and Noyantis!
Bruce Johnson On Net Talk8
MAR 14,2014
Introducing NetTalk 8!
Mark Goldberg On DebugView ++ and John Hickey On Ultimate Notify
MAR 07,2014
DebugView++ and UltimateNotify
Robert Paresi On IQXML
FEB 28,2014
iQ-XML Update!