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CIDC 2023 Reunion Retrospective!
SEP 29,2023
A look back at CIDC 2023! Plus two BIG announcements!

1. Mike becomes an actual Host!!
2. ClarionLive! Weekly Webinar has ended. No more Friday webinars. This will be combined with the ClarionLive! Open webinar to form ClarionLive Connect!, which will include short presentations and Q&A, and will take up the Open webinar slot on Wednesday.
Clarion vs VS Code - Why can't we be friends?
AUG 18,2023

00:00:00 - Introduction and Greetings
00:06:57 - Meaningless Banter
00:18:57 - Introduction to Visual Studio Code
00:29:43 - Installing Visual Studio Code
00:33:37 - Workspace and Profile Configuration in Visual Studio Code
00:37:12 - Editing Related Code
00:41:24 - Code Completion Across the Workspace
00:45:19 - Editing Preferences in Visual Studio Code
00:49:04 - Utilizing the Command Palette
00:52:07 - Customizing Key Bindings
00:55:48 - Editing Multiple Occurrences in Visual Studio Code
00:59:04 - Cleaning up the code
01:06:43 - Code Alignment and Selection
01:11:08 - Code Modification and Validation
01:15:27 - Json File Editing and Viewing Features
01:18:36 - Collapsing and Expanding Code
01:21:42 - Manipulating search results
01:24:37 - Converting an old dictionary to SQL
01:27:41 - Understanding Timeline

NetTalk 14 is launched, not 13, as there is no NetTalk 13!!
AUG 11,2023
18:12 The speaker discussed the development process and goals for Network 14.
19:23 The speaker explained the use of J files and X-Files for API servers in Network 14.
21:31 The speaker mentioned security updates, including updated OpenSSL libraries and a new feature for password-protecting key files.
22:07 IPv6 support has been added for both client and server in Network 14.
23:19 The speaker discussed the automatic handling of IPv6 connections in the client and the simplicity of supporting IPv6 in the server.
24:22 Introduces a tool to find devices on a network based on their MAC address.
24:57 Upgrading a desktop program is straightforward, just add the reflection Global extension and the J files Global extension.
25:30 The names of the chill sdlls have changed to lib crypto3.
26:08 Added classes to communicate with DNS servers.
26:39 Talks about domain name system and finding domain names through DNS providers.
27:46 Introduces DN simple as a domain name provider with an API.
28:19 Added functions for DNS lookup and net address lookup.
28:54 Added support for sending compressed posts to a server in the web client.
30:35 Updated net Maps to support the here platform.
Redesigning the UltimateDebug Viewer Interface, the Final Chapter - Part 2!
AUG 04,2023
Automatic Automated Tests - Making Automated Tests Even More Automatic
JUL 28,2023
Refactoring a Clarion Example App
JUL 21,2023
Mike Hanson and Bruce Johnson will refactor a Clarion Example App. Will this be a one and done? Or are we in for a series? Show up and find out!
UltimateSQL, New PostGreSQL Support and Error Debugging, Fact or Myth?
JUL 14,2023
noyantis Super Awesome Amazingly Spectacular Product Updates!
JUL 07,2023
What Is The Meaning Of Clarion?
JUN 30,2023
Redesigning the UltimateDebug Viewer Interface, the Final Chapter - Part 1!
JUN 23,2023
Introducing jFiles 3!
JUN 16,2023
Redesigning the UltimateDebug Viewer Interface Part 4!
JUN 09,2023
Redesigning the UltimateDebug Viewer Interface Part 3!
JUN 02,2023
- The webinar focuses on the ongoing redesign of the UltimateDebug Viewer interface.
- The participants, Mike Hanson and John Hickey, engage in casual banter and joke about being on the screen and in gallery view.
- They briefly discuss cars, with Mike mentioning his new electric car and John offering to sell his Jag.
- Technical issues from the previous webinar, such as debunking issues, font changes, and style suggestions, are mentioned and considered.
- Expressions of gratitude are given to the participants, and the next webinar is announced to be led by Andy on June 12th.
- The meeting is led by Andy and revolves around updates and discussions related to the interface redesign.
- Specific technical details are discussed, including the use of a global variable called "GV" and a UI enhancement called "UI off."
- Repaint issues are addressed, and a fix is proposed to force the complete pane to redraw.
- Property grids and adding properties with set values are discussed.
- Humor and camaraderie are present throughout the conversation, with playful teasing among the participants.
- The importance of source control, particularly using GitHub, is highlighted for collaboration and staying in sync.
- The participants express appreciation for the progress made and excitement for the potential of the redesigned interface.
Redesigning the UltimateDebug Viewer Interface Part 2!
MAY 26,2023
Title: Redesigning the UltimateDebug Viewer Interface Part 2!

In this webinar, Mike Hanson and John Hickey discuss the ongoing process of redesigning the UltimateDebug Viewer interface. The session starts with some light-hearted banter and jokes about consistency and variety in their presentation style. Mike shares a photo taken in Canada near Windsor, Ontario, showing the view of downtown Detroit across the Sinclair River.

They acknowledge some technical issues in the previous webinar and thank the attendees for their patience. The host, Andy, addresses the technical problems, which were caused by changes in the initialization program and the code. Resolving these issues took several days of developer time.

They move on to discuss a surprise mini-presentation by Mike, who shares his experience with programming using Chachi BT. He talks about "cheating" off the computer robots and using the DOS prompt and ActiveX controls to debug code. Mike explains how he found it fascinating to enter debug messages and have the system automatically generate the desired results.

They delve into the details of debugging and fixing errors, such as incorrect buffer values and issues with the order of pushing and popping. They consider the possibility of changing the font and implementing auto-scroll functionality in the main display. Mike also suggests using the "No prefix" style to prevent the Ampersand symbol from interfering with certain prompts.

Throughout the discussion, they emphasize the importance of understanding event handling and the usefulness of the UltimateDebug event feature. They explain how events can sometimes reveal unexpected behaviors and encourage developers to explore and optimize their code.

They also touch upon the concept of filtering and the possibility of incorporating filter options similar to those found in tools like DebugView++. They discuss different approaches to filtering and the potential benefits and complexities associated with it.

In the latter part of the webinar, they focus on refining the interface layout and organizing different elements such as pop-up menus and panes. They consider the need for separate procedures and the handling of pending information when switching between windows. The goal is to create an intuitive and efficient user experience for navigating through a large amount of information.

The session concludes with a reminder to attendees to keep experimenting and learning from their debugging experiences. They express their gratitude to the participants and sign off on a positive note.
Redesigning the UltimateDebug Viewer Interface!
MAY 19,2023
Johnson vs Hickey in the Heavyweight Debug Title Match of the century - DebugMania!!!
MAY 12,2023
Fun with XML and JSON!
MAY 04,2023
Premier release of DEX Copilot v1.0!
APR 28,2023
Update on Ultimate Everything, EXP Files, and the (not quite) shortest webinar ever
APR 21,2023
Mike/Bruce/Andy - Rewriting A Clarion Example App - The New Voyages - Part 1!
APR 14,2023
Boldly Going Where No One Has Gone Before - Rewriting A Clarion Example App Part 9!
APR 07,2023
Mike Writes A Class To Do Recursive Folders And Files!
MAR 31,2023
What’s Up With G-Visuals And Other Things!
MAR 24,2023
An update on G-Visuals and the upcoming DevExtreme wrapper project!

00:00:00 Intro
00:23:00 Presentation begins
00:25:10 Combo lookup options, review of Template
00:38:15 Demo of automatic cascading update upon data change. Example: City change, State updates
00:46:00 How to put back a control that's been deleted that was part of a template
00:49:54 Enhanced Entries - validation
01:01:24 Applying Anchors to scrollable screens
01:05:35 Scrolling screens, making tabs into a scrollable window automatically (in progress)
01:06:58 Styles - applying styles throughout an application
01:16:24 Replacing text automatically throughout an application - prompts, Grid Control, Task Panel, etc
01:23:12 Animated windows - not in demo yet, allows for moving window onto screen, etc
01:25:20 List monitors, including screen resolutions, position. Set Windows to open on specific monitor, at specific position
01:32:10 DevExtreme progress update
01:40:13 Wrap up
Back To Basics - BITs and BIT functions!
MAR 17,2023
Unfortunately, the recording has constant pauses in it making it very hard to watch. My laptop was losing internet connection and I didn't notice.

A look at BITs and various BIT functions, including BOR and BAND!

A Template for MS SQL Autonumber and how to deal with Identity field Part 2!
MAR 10,2023
A continuation of last weeks webisode!