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Mike Hanson
Mike Hanson has been a fixture in the Clarion world for over 25 years! He quickly became known for solving other Clarion developers' problems, and he continues that goal today. He created a set of public domain models for Clarion 2.1 for DOS, which evolved into BoxSoft's Super Templates. He's led breakout sessions at many Clarion DevCons, including the template section at the first Clarion Developer Certification Conference. He's also written articles for every Clarion-related publication.

Mike spends most of his time consulting, developing vertical market applications, extending and maintaining the Super Templates, and training programmers around the world. His current focus is on Agile Development practices, test driven development, and creating optimal software solutions.

In his personal life, Mike stays busy with his wife, their two sons (10 and 8), their smooth collie and two cats. In his little remaining spare time he practices piano and guitar, listens to music, and takes a few pictures here and there. He dreams of having more spare time, which he would immediately fill with more hobbies.
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