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Arnold Young
I have worked on various computer platforms and development tools until one day in July 1987, I started using Clarion for DOS. This began my Clarion development career. In July 1998, I entered the Clarion add-on tool market starting with Query Wizard followed by four other Wizard products and three Assistant products under the name of with Steve Stockstill. On December 1, 2005, I retired from the Clarion Third Party business passing on the business to Steve and Andy Kaczmarczyk.

Prior to that, armed with a BS and MS in Civil Engineering, I worked in both the engineering and construction side of the heavy highway construction industry. In a cost conscious industry, I used computer programming to streamline processes as a side task to my engineering and construction management duties until everything I did was computer related. After leaving my last job as a VP MIS for a major California construction company, I started my own company doing computer consulting and building construction software using Clarion.

Our flagship product, since 1997, is an extra work billing program for the heavy construction industry which interfaces with the State of California. The goal was to provide "efficiency with ease." What took some to do in 20-45 minutes was shortened to less than 2 minutes. The app created bills eliminating errors and promoting faster payment. Today, the majority of both large and small heavy highway construction companies in California use this product for extra work billing, pricing, and payment tracking. Originally created as a Clarion for DOS product in 1993, I re-developed it from scratch in Clarion for Windows. It is still actively used as a single user package, in local area network multiuser environments, and remotely accessed Terminal Services/Citrix based installations. I love the loyalty of my clients and nearly 90% all my new business comes from referrals.

Since early 2007, I have been taking on a new challenge of cross-platform rich internet application (RIA) development, working in a completely different environment - Adobe Flex 2/3 (Flash), ColdFusion 6/7/8, PHP, MySQL and WordPress on the Amazon EC2 Cloud environment. This was to support the Business-to-Consumer audience with an online app of two New York Times "best-selling" authors' book.

Timing the release of Clarion 7, I returned back to Clarion development to create a new program upgrade to my heavy construction software application which is a C5.5, ABC, TPS, single exe application using Wise deployment. My upgrade will be totally re-factored as a C8, ABC, TPS then PostgreSQL, multi-DLL application with version control, issue tracking, and TSPlus deployment.

I love creating database applications in both Clarion and Adobe Flex!
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