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John Hickey
Waaaay back in 1992 or so, I was looking for a POS program to run our computer business with. I couldn't find one that worked the way I wanted, so I thought I'd try writing my own. I looked at using dBase and a few other dBase compatible products, and finally came across an ad for Clarion in one of our computer mags (might have been PC Magazine!). Wow it was neat, royalty free distribution, you could compile it, had a great interface, it was fantastic! I've been using Clarion ever since!

At some point we said "hey this POS is pretty good, let's sell it to other people". So off we went to Comdex to attract dealers to sell our program. Some of those original dealers are still with us today. And some of the Clarion code I wrote way back for the DOS product are still in my program today too! We closed the computer retail store about six years ago, and now all we do is sell our POS program written in Clarion.

When Clarion came out with Clarion For Windows, we started moving our POS product from DOS to Windows. During that time I wrote several template sets that we sold under the Timesavers name, including Timesavers Templates, Gizmos, Path Manager, and Scheduler. I still use many of them today! Many of these have been surpassed by newer templates from other companies, so we don't really sell them anymore. We released Scheduler as open source last year.

I have been to every Devcon in the U.S. and one in England. They have all been great! I've met some terrific people and the Clarion community is second to none. At one Devcon, Randy Rogers was kind enough to invite me out to dinner where I met Arnold Young. These are friendships that will last a lifetime. Because of the wonders of the internet, and Arnold's tireless work in attracting presenters, I now host with Arnold a weekly Clarion webinar called Clarion Live! (oh wait, you already know that part!).
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