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NameAustralian Webinar #001 - Supporting Files on Subclassing
DescriptionThis is a ZIP file containing two ZIP files discussed in the Australian Webinar #1
on Jan. 20th 2011.  These were created by Mark Goldberg.

Notes from Mark are below:

Included are two ZIP file.

MouseOverFocus_2011_Jan_20.zip is the testbed - MouseOverFocus

ctWndProcMG_2011_Jan_20.zip contains the two classes -
note: I did *not* add conditional LINK or DLL attributes
so if you're sharing them in a DLL/EXE environment
then you'll need to do some work
but in that case, you'll still need to build the .EXP
(most folks here, would be more interested in a .TPL to wrap it)
see http://www.radfusion.com/PDFgallery.htm
for that template skeleton

Supporting FIles: http://www.clarionlivemedia.com/supportfiles/MGSubclassingCode.zip

FilenameLink to MGSubclassingCode.zip
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Created On: 01/31/2011 07:55
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