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NameClarion Live! Open Class Project
DescriptionThis is the  01-01-2011 release of the Clarion Live! Open Class project.  This release was modified by Mark Goldberg (thanks Mark!), and added additional comments on how to use it as well as examples for using Queues.

There are two ZIP files included:

ClarionLive OpenClass.zip : This is the Clarion Live! Skeleton Class and Template.  These are used as a starting point to create your own Classes/Templates.

  • Copy the ctClarionLive.clw and ctClarionLive.inc to your \libsrc directory (under your Clarion folder)
  • Copy the CLiveSkeleton.tpl and CLiveSkeleton.tpw to your \template directory (under your Clarion folder)

ClarionLive MultiDll Example: This is an example multi-dll application that shows how to use the Class.
  • Be sure to register the CLiveSkeleton template first!

Direct Link: http://www.clarionlive.com/images/stories/videos/ClarionLive OpenClass.zip

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