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Recordings of our past award-winning Live! Webinars!  (What awards, you may ask?  um, I'll get back to you on that....)

If you only hear sound and do not see the video, you need a codec.  CLICK HERE to download the codec.

NOTE: Sometimes the beginning of the recordings will have sound but no video.  This is a glitch in the gotowebinar recording system.  When we switch screens, the video will appear, so you can expect the first 2-5 minutes may have no video and just be a black screen.

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file icon Webinar #199 - Coloring!hot!Tooltip 02/25/2013 Hits: 1188

Mike Hanson did a great demo and explanation of his Coloring class, then Marc Walgren came up with an example of how to use an Interface, and before you knew it we had two webinars in one!  Oh, and John showed us something!



Download The Full Webinar

Download The Interface Section Only


Presenter 1: Brahn Partridge on Metro Wizard

Presenting the ClarionMetroWizard!
Topics Covered:

•Setting up
•Some background
•Live Demo
•Bonus Features

Presenter 2: Mike Hanson on Template Quest

Clarion Template Quest Continues!

This week, Mike continues his Template Quest,  Will his quest be successful?  Will there be peril, drama, and adventure along the way?  Attend the webinar and find out!


Download This Week's Webinar

Clarion Template Quest!  This week, Mike will show how to modify the Address Formatter class without modifying the Address Formatter class!  Then, he'll create a template to make the class easy to use in your Clarion application.


Download The Webinar Here! 



file icon Webinar #196 - SQL Heroes!hot!Tooltip 02/02/2013 Hits: 1149

An action-packed webinar, featuring the SQL Heroes!  But first, we had the Class.Of.The.Day, which was Jeff Slarve's Datafier class!  Thanks to Jeff and Dave Harms for making it free for all of us Clarion-nites!  We demonstrated the Datafier class along with examining NOTIFY and NOTIFICATION, which lets you pass messages between threads!  Then, some updates to the Ultimate SQL class, and some SQL speed tests!  Action from start to finish, WHAM!


Download The Webinar Here!

Clarion Quest wraps up, with the completion of the Address Formatter Class!  Special thanks to Mike Hanson, for this great tutorial on how to create classes!


Download The Webinar Here!

Download the Source Code Here!

Clarion Class Quest continues!  The Word.Of.The.Day was NEW and DISPOSE (ok, TWO words.of.the.day!), and then Mike continued our Quest by getting our Address Class in good order, and placing it into an app!  Is the Quest over?  Oh no, not by a long shot!  More to come!



Download The Webinar Here!


Download the sample files completed at the end of the webinar here!


Clarion Class Quest continues!  What started out as a way to learn the basics of Classes, has turned into a Quest to learn ALL about Clarion Classes!  This is Part 3 of that Quest!  Thanks to Mike Hanson for leading us on the right path to Classiness!



Download The Webinar Here!


Download the sample files used in the webinar here!


Class Quest continues (yeh I just renamed our series on Classes to Class Quest, nifty huh?!)!  The word.of.the.day was VIRTUAL and DERIVE, and we had a great discussion on that with Greg Bailey, Bruce Johnson, and Mike Hanson!  Then, Mike started us on the path to writing our own class, with lots of great examples and explanations.  And we ended up with LOTS more to talk about, so welcome to the Class Quest series, ongoing for the month of January!




Download the sample files used in the webinar here!

Back to Class!  The gang at ClarionLive! go back to basics on Classes, as Mike Hanson shows us the basics of using Classes in Clarion!  Why should you use Classes?  What are they?  How are they created?  Good questions!  And we covered them all in this webinar!


Download The Webinar Here!

It's Arnold's Surprise!  Arnold has been looking at Thin Client solutions, and came across TSPlus!  Arnold, Brian Reid, and JP Gutsatz show how they're using TSPlus, then Dominique Benoit, the president of TSPlus, gives a full demo of the product!  Plus, Dominique graciously has offered ClarionLive! attendees a perpetual discount of 25% off TSPlus!  Just use the coupon code ClarionLive2012 to get your discount!


Download The Presentation Here!

John's back from South Africa where he had a terrific time hanging out with the folks from CapeSoft!  John did a short presentation of his trip, then it was off to the Clarion Word.Of.The.Day which was TIE and TIED!  Then, Dennis Evans did a great presentation on doing Unit Tests in MSSQL, and a discussion ensued on the value of doing unit testing.  Oh, and check out the new clean Power Point slides! (yay!)



Dennis Evans was scheduled to present, but unfortunately something came up at the last minute and he had to postpone his presentation!  Fortunately some fellow clarion-nites stepped in to help make another terrific ClarionLive! webinar!  JP Gutsatz on Docking Panes, Mark Riffey on What's Coming Later, and Mark Goldberg on Windows 8.  Thanks guys!


Download The Full Presentation Here!

Capevember concludes with more excitement than humans should be allowed to have, with Bruce Johnson launching his newest release of NetTalk, NetTalk 7!  And whoa, John Hickey made the journey from Washington State to Cape Town South Africa to get in on all the hoopla!  It was a terrific event, with a live studio audience, amazing new NetTalk features, and two Nexus 7's given away!  What more could anyone want from a ClarionLive! webinar?!


Download The Full Presentation Here!

Bruce Johnson leads an intriguing conversation on what we've learnt this year!  Contributors include Mike Hnason, Dave Harms, and Greg Bailey!


Download The Full Presentation Here

First, we presented a quick tip on how to sync two computers together with the same files, allowing you to keep you Clarion apps in sync and develop on two separate machines!  Then, Geoff Thomson gave a great demo of the new Office Inside product from CapeSoft!  Oh, and John Hickey's going to be in Cape Town on November 30th for the big CapeSoft event!  Oh yeh!





Robert Zaunere introduces us to Touch support coming in Clarion 9!
Then.... debugging is no-body's favorite part of programming. In this session we'll look at tools and techniques which will help you debug faster, and locate the source of the problem in the fastest way. Speaking about fastest, we'll also take a look at the new CapeSoft Profiler version and see how it helps to find the parts of your program that are running slowly.



Capevember is here!  The first webisodes features demonstrations CapeSoft's products Safe Update and Cryptonite, with a great demo of both products!


Also, Robert Zaunere and Diego from SoftVelocity stopped by, with a sneak peek of what's coming up in the new Clarion 9 IDE!


The webinar is available as two different downloads, one featuring the full webinar, and the other featuring CapeSoft's presentation only.



The conclusion of the epic NoyantisFest, as Andy Wilton finishes adding all the Noyantis products to the demo app!  It's an amazing change from how it started 4 weeks ago, and demonstrates how you can create user-friendly apps with very little effort!


Click Here to download the webinar!

NoyantisFest continues, with part 3 focusing on the ReportControl, with just a dash of Property Grid at the end!


Click Here to download the webinar!

Part 2 of NoyantisFest continues, as Andy shows a nifty trick using Docking Panes and adds a Calendar control to the demo app!  Great stuff indeed!


Click Here to download the webinar!

A discussion on PROP:BreakVar, some chat about third-party standards and doing a series on Clarion Basics, and then Andy Wilton began his NoyantisFest by showing and standard Clarion CRM app and then adding Noyantis/Codejock enhancements!  The difference is amazing!



Today's Webgem: An Open Source Java script enhancement to help with big programs written in Java Script

Lisa converted her Clarion app from TPS to SQL, and now it needs optimizing!  Mike helps trouble-shoot a slow browse list, with expert assistance from Dennis Evans!  It's a great exercise in what to look at when things don't seem to be as fast as they should be after converting to SQL!




JP shows us how to port TPS files to DMC using the latest version 3 release!  Then at the end, we started talking about all sorts of things and ended up going another 45 minutes!  


Click Here To Download This Webinar!

JP introduces DMC Version 3!  JP does a terrific presentation on the new Data Management Center, a terrific product with fantastic support! 


Direct Link: http://www.clarionlivemedia.com/webinars/ClarionLive176_20120914_JPGutsatzOnDMC3.wmv

Words.Of.The.Day were SELECTNAME, UPDATENAME, INSERTNAME and no one had used them or were even sure how to use them!  Then, Rick Martin took us on a deep tour of how to add menu items and features to the Clarion IDE, using his Upper Park Version Control interface as an example!  


Direct Link To Webinar

Oops!  We forgot to start the recording at the beginning of the webinar, so just use your imagination as to what happened at the beginning!  But we got Mike Hanson covering Interfaces, making dogs swim, speak, and wag their tails!  A webinar you'll watch again and again!


Direct Link: Webinar Recording and Source Code

SET is the word of the day, and there was a really good discussion about how SET works, and how you should use VIEWS when using SQL!  Then, Rick Martin showed us his new Version Control system that works at the module level!  Very impressive!


Ted Patrick gives an excellent demo of Sencha, which has been a topic of great interest recently in the Clarion community!  Because Ted's time was limited, we dove right in the the presentation starting almost immediately!  But stick around, because we did the beginning last!  There was also a great conversation about Sencha, NetTalk, and developing for mobile with Bruce Johnson and Mike Hanson!


Mike Hanson has a question for Bruce Johnson!  The Word.Of.The.Day was SETPOSITION !  John had a visit from Dave Harms last Monday, and raves on about how awesome it was (it was!)!  Then, Bruce Johnson takes us on a tour of their new Forum software, built on NetTalk 6!  An enjoyable time was had by all!


Multiple words.of.the.day, Bind, UnBind, PushBind, PopBind!  Then, Mike Hanson does a terrific presentation on the ABC classes, and classes in general!  Lots of terrific information here, a must-see webinar!


Stay until the end, and find out the answer to the mystery of the two Clark Kents!


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