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The ClarionLive! Utility Pack

What is the ClarionLive! Utility Pack?

These Docs Are Under Construction!

The ClarionLive! Utility Pack consists of several Templates, Classes, and Programs developed over the last several months during the ClarionLive! Webinars!  The CLUP consists of the following:

Ultimate Debug Template
ClarionLive! Class Creator
ClarionLive! Variable Debugger

The Ultimate Debug Template should work with practically any version of Clarion (although not tested on versions below 6), either ABC or Legacy.  The ClarionLive! Class Creator and Variable Debugger are stand-alone programs that work best with C7 and C8, but should work with other Clarion versions as well.

These utilities would not be possible without the help of our great ClarionLive! Code Camp Councilors, including Mike Hanson, Mark Goldberg, Greg Bailey, and Dave Harms!

Ultimate Debug Template

The purpose of the Ultimate Debug Template is to send messages from your program to DebugViewDebugView is a separate program and can be downloaded here

From the DebugView introduction:

"DebugView is an application that lets you monitor debug output on your local system, or any computer on the network that you can reach via TCP/IP. It is capable of displaying both kernel-mode and Win32 debug output, so you don't need a debugger to catch the debug output your applications or device drivers generate, nor do you need to modify your applications or drivers to use non-standard debug output APIs."

The Ultimate Debug Template consists of a Template and a Class:



The installer should have registered the Template for you.  If not, be sure to register UltimateDebug.tpl.

To Use:

Add the UltimateDebug template to your Global Extensions.  If you are using multiple DLLs, add the template to your base DLL, and just check the template settings to indicate whether this is a multi-DLL project, and if the Ultimate Debug class is declared in this App or another App.

Instructions on how to use the Template are under the Instructions tab.

To view a ClarionLive! Webinar walk-through on how to use the Ultimate Debug template, click here and move up to about 1 hour and 9 minutes.

ClarionLive! Class Creator

more docs to come!

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